Ausstellung no6 // 16.06. – 11.08.

David Ralph I Cameron Tauschke I Darren Wardle

Am 16. Juni öffnete die Galerie ff15 ihre Türen für die erste internationale Kooperation mit den drei australischen Malern David Ralph, Cameron Tauschke und Darren Wardle. Die Ausstellung fand im Rahmen des Programmes „AUSTRALIA NOW“ ( statt.

Die drei Künstler stammen ursprünglich aus Melbourne, leben und arbeiten aktuell in Berlin und Leipzig. Ralph, Tauschke und Wardle bezeichnen sich als Forscher, die den schnellen Wandel innerhalb der architektonischen Landschaft ihrer Heimatstadt Melbourne, aber auch in Berlin und Leipzig, erleben und mit Augenmerk verfolgen. Die Geschwindigkeit und der Wechsel dieser Prozesse schockieren und faszinieren sie gleichzeitig und sind zentrale Themen ihrer künstlerischen Arbeit.

Im Fokus der Ausstellung stand die Darstellung des modernen Stadtraums. Sichtbar wurden Transformationsprozesse, welche in Melbourne, Leipzig und Berlin stattfinden, miteinander verbunden sind und Ähnlichkeiten aufweisen, aber auch besonders sind in ihren eigenen idiosynkratischen Unterschieden.



lives and works in Leipzig
2001 Master of Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art and Design, University of the Arts London, UK
2000 Master  Fine Art University of Melbourne – Victorian College of the Arts Melbourne, Australia
born 1965, in Warnambool, Victoria, Australia

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2017 Absent Presence, Gallery 9, Sydney, Australia
2014 Commune, Gallery 9, Sydney, Australia
2013 Dissolve, Fehily Contemporary, Melbourne

RACV, Melbourne / BHP Billiton, Australia / Fondation D’Art Contemporain Daniel & Florence Guerlain Paris, France / British Airways Collection, UK / National Gallery of Victoria, Melboune
Gold Coast City Art Gallery, Queensland / Warrnambool Regional Art Gallery, Victoria / Artbank, Australia / Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne / Port Philip City Council, City of Yarra Council

For David Ralph his paintings relate to how built environments, cities and living spaces shape human experience and forge identities. Furthermore, in his work he addresses the psychology of architectural space and what that can inform about the people responsible for it. Some of his recent series of paintings have dealt with a reconnection with the natural world – ‘ the architecture of escape’. That is, escaping the urban environment by way of mobile homes, caravans and cabins. These sources of inspiration create the potential for Ralph to produce hybrid paintings with a contrast of representational and abstract imagery.



lives and works in Berlin
2006 Diploma of Visual Arts Education, The Australian Catholic University, Melbourne
1990 – 1992 Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) Melbourne, Australia Bachelor of Fine Art, (Painting)
born 1971, in Melbourne, Australia

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2016 Shadow Layers, Projektraum Rosalux, Berlin
2016 Gothic Fingers, Galerie Kunstgehäuse, Dresden
2014 TransAUSTRAL, The Ratskeller Gallery for Contemporary Art, Berlin
2013 Transmitter, G-11 Leipzig, Halle 11, The Spinnerei, Leipzig

Barclays Bank, London / Alice Salomon Institute, Berlin / Monash University, Melbourne / Private Collections: Australia, Germany, England, China and India

Cameron Tauschke is interested in the inter-connectedness between the human figure and the contrasts, contradictions and transformations within modern city spaces. In addition, Tauschke is very interested in the human condition and how it relates to its locality. In some of his paintings you can see the urban flux of Berlin and Melbourne as if laid out on the operating table. The physical energy of the city is seemingly transformed, incised, sown and stitched much like a surgeon operating on a human body. These paintings question whether or not these types of urban transformation are all for a better and healthier living infrastructure.



lives and works in  Leipzig & Melbourne
2013 – 2014 Masters of Fine Art by Research, Victorian College of the Arts, The University of Melbourne
1997 Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art, Honours (Painting), Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University
1989 – 1991 Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art (Painting), Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University
born in 1969, in Melbourne

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2016 Sleepwalker, Fehily Contemporary, Melbourne Drawing Wall Project #24, Shepparton Art Museum, Shepparton, VIC
2015 Ruin Gazing, Fehily Contemporary, Melbourne
2014 Darren Wardle: Head Case, Curated by Dr Vincent Alessi, Latrobe University Visual Art Centre,Bendigo, Victoria
2012 Future Proof, Nellie Castan Gallery, Melbourne

Artbank / BHP Billiton / City of Banyule Collection / Geelong Art Gallery / Gold Coast City Gallery Collection / Heide Museum of Modern Art / Hotel Tolarno, Melbourne / Latrobe University Museum Collection / Lyon House Museum, Melbourne / Michael and Janet Buxton Contemporary Art Collection, Melbourne / National Australia Bank / National Gallery of Victoria / RACV Collection RMIT University Collection / Smorgan Family Collection, Melbourne / Private Collections Australia & overseas

For Darren Wardle his practice conceptually links traces of the past with visions of the future based on the present. In his artwork the ruin operates as the central motive as a means to explore its entanglement with art, catastrophe, utopia and dystopia, trauma and the human body. Recently Wardle has produced paintings that link the notions of ruination in the depiction of the human face and architectural interiors in order to comment on the dystopian dimensions of 21st century urban space and the failure of utopian modernism to deliver its promise of a better future.